Our Mission & Vision

Thrive Afya Tanzania improves access to quality reproductive and maternal health services through health system strengthening, life skills development, education, research, and advocacy.

We envision a Tanzania where every adolescent and woman of reproductive age can choose when to start a family and has access to the necessary services to do so, can share their desires and achieve their goals without discrimination, and will no longer suffer due to lack of access to basic healthcare services.

Our Model

We believe in a holistic approach to improving reproductive and maternal health in Tanzania. Our model is designed to ensure quality services for everyone in a sustainable way. Learn more about our guiding principles and planned phases for growth.

Our work


Our health programs seek to reduce the high rates of morbidity and mortality in Tanzania through a mobile health clinic, adolescent-friendly services, and healthcare provider training.

Women & Girls Empowerment

Women & Girls Empowerment

Our empowerment programs are designed to provide women and girls the educational, social, and financial support to fulfill their dreams and uplift the entire community along with them.


Our educational programs focus on keeping adolescents in school and providing the community with ways to learn new skills in order to raise the collective education level of the community.



Our research programs include monitoring & evaluation, needs assessments, and studies to generate new evidence about the status of reproductive health in Tanzania.

Policy & Advocacy

Policy & Advocacy

Our policy & advocacy programs focus on using evidence to create sustainable solutions and engaging the community in advocacy and community improvement activities.


Stay updated on how our programs and activities are being implemented through our latest news posts. We share our stories from the field, successes and challenges, and future goals.

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