While the status of women and girls has improved over the last decade, they still face discrimination and abuse in Tanzania. This discrimination directly impacts their health and wellbeing.

Thrive Afya Tanzania believes that every woman and girl provides an invaluable gift to society. Our empowerment programs are designed to provide women and girls the educational, social, and financial support to fulfill their dreams and uplift the entire community along with them.

Our challenge

Health decisions


of women aged 15-49 participate in decision-making about their own health



years is the median age of first marriage for women

Cash earnings


of married women aged 15-49 receive cash earnings for the work that they do compared to men's 89%

Gender-based violence


of ever-married women experience spousal violence (physical, sexual, or emotional)

Data Source: Tanzania DHS-MIS 2015-16

What we do

Mama’s Groups

We train members of existing and new Mama’s groups to participate in the Village Community Bank (VICOBA) model. VICOBA is a model of a village savings and lending association in which members save and receive loans for a variety of different activities, including entrepreneurial activities, health, and education. We monitor the Mama’s groups and provide additional education on successful entrepreneurship, life skill development, and health.

Dada’s Groups

We create dada’s (“sister”) groups at secondary schools for girls to learn more about health, life skills, and educational attainment. The groups foster support among each other by sharing experiences or challenges that they may have faced and how they have overcome those challenges. We monitor the dada’s groups and provide them with additional educational support and workshops once a month.

Thrive Afya Champions

We seek and support Thrive Afya Champions, who are dedicated Tanzanians making a difference in their communities. These champions advocate for and implement community solutions in their own communities. In addition to health and economic empowerment, the champions for women and girls empowerment work on issues such as gender-based violence, early marriage, and traditional harmful practices, such as female genital cutting.

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