Implementing evidence-based programs is a priority at Thrive Afya Tanzania. Prior to implementing our programs in a particular community, we conduct needs assessments and ask for community recommendations so that we can implement relevant and sustainable programs. In addition, we monitor and evaluate our programs and generate new evidence about the status of reproductive health among women and adolescents in Tanzania.

What we do

Needs Assessments & Community Participation

Before starting a project in a new area, we conduct a needs assessment to understand the priorities of the community and their recommendations in implementing the programs. We use this information to customize our programs. We are currently partnering with the local government and local research organizations to collect data on the existing status of reproductive health in Babati District.

Monitoring & Evaluation

In order to ensure that our programs are effective, we monitor and evaluate each program with specific indicators and goals. In addition to tracking our work’s progress, monitoring and evaluation helps us identify areas in which our programs are successful or need improvement.
We are flexible in the design of our programs and will make necessary changes to ensure that we are implementing the best possible solutions for the communities that we serve.

Research Partnerships

We partner with research institutions, organizations, and the government to generate new evidence on reproductive health in Tanzania. We train our field researchers to ensure the best quality data collection and analysis.

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