In order to ensure that our work is sustainable, we must advocate for policy changes to improve reproductive health services and an increase in general health funding in Tanzania. Tanzania faces various factors that contribute to the poor quality of health services including a severe health care worker shortage, frequent shortages of essentials medicines and supplies, and inadequately trained health professionals.

Thrive Afya Tanzania’s programs work to mitigate these issues and develop solutions to improve quality of healthcare. However, this requires change on a national scale. Therefore, we work closely with local and national government officials to advocate for quality reproductive health services and sustainable health system changes.

What we do

Evidence to Action

We implement evidence-based programs and share our evidence with our partners and the people we serve. We share the information we have collected through our research studies and evaluation of our programs in an accessible way, including policy briefs for the government, training tools for healthcare providers, and in-person and radio announcements for the community. In addition, we provide recommendations on potential solutions to improving the quality of reproductive health care.

Reproductive Health Network

We value our partners in the field and seek to build a tight-knit network of organizations, both public and private, that work on various issues in the community. This network will provide insight on existing programs and facilitate the exchange of ideas on successes and areas of improvement for our programs and beyond. We hope that this network will allow for stronger collaboration and, therefore, result in innovative, multi-sector approaches to improving the lives of Tanzanians.

Community Engagement

We build long-lasting relationships with the community to ensure that our programs align with their needs and we are working towards a common goal together. In addition, we organize community events such as marches, health and human rights awareness days, and community development project implementation. These events provide an avenue to advocate for reproductive and maternal health rights, provide education, and share the voices of the community.

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