Access to quality reproductive health services remains a huge challenge in Tanzania. The rates of adolescent pregnancy, unmet need for family planning, and maternal mortality are still unacceptably high. Poor provision of health services, lack of education, and shortages of supplies and medicines are a few of the multitude of factors that contribute to the high rates of morbidity and mortality in Tanzania.

Our programs seek to improve access to quality reproductive health services through a mobile health clinic, adolescent-friendly services, and health care provider trainings. We provide necessary services while working on sustainable health system improvements.

Our challenge

Family Planning


of women aged 15-49
use a contraceptive

The most commonly used
methods are injectables,
implants, and pills


of adolescents aged 15-19
have either given birth
or are pregnant



of women aged 15-49
are living with

Tanzania has one of the
highest cervical cancer
rates in the world


women are diagnosed
every year

Maternal Health


of women received the
recommended four
antenatal care visits


of births are assisted by a
health professional

Maternal mortality ratio


deaths per 100,000
live births

Data sources: Tanzania DHS-MIS 2015-16; Tanzania AIS 2011-12; WHO Global Cancer Observatory 2012

What we do

Mobile Health Clinic

Women in Tanzania often cite distance to the health facility as a major barrier in seeking health care. Thrive Afya Tanzania tries to remedy this with our comprehensive mobile health clinic. We provide reproductive and basic primary services, including family planning counseling and services, cervical and breast cancer screenings and referrals, HIV/AIDS counseling and testing, antenatal care for women at all stages of pregnancy, and basic infant care such as vaccinations and growth measurements.

Adolescent-Friendly Services

Tanzanian adolescents often face stigma in seeking reproductive health services. We strive to make these services more accessible through the development of our Thrive Afya Tanzania Community Center. This center provides adolescents a safe place to seek health services, receive health education, and engage in after-school activities.

Health Care Provider Training

We partner with the government to train community health workers (CHWs) and health care providers working at all facility levels to ensure that providers have the tools and training to provide quality health services. Our trainings include: family planning counseling and implant and IUCD insertions; quality antenatal care and counseling; and emergency obstetric care provision. As we grow, we will share our model and partner with facilities to work towards ensuring high quality services across all facilities.

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