Thrive Afya Tanzania improves access to quality reproductive and maternal health services for adolescents and women in Tanzania. In order to do this, we work in five areas: Health, Women & Girls Empowerment, Education, Research, and Policy & Advocacy.

We believe that targeted reproductive health programs alone cannot reduce the high rates of unintended pregnancy, morbidity, and mortality due to lack of access to quality reproductive health services in Tanzania. Therefore, we have designed holistic, multi-level programs that address the variety of factors that impact reproductive health.

Our model

Thrive Afya Tanzania strives to provide high quality and reliable services to the people of Babati. Inspired by the Aravind Model, we are guided by the following principles:

  1. Offer services to 100% of the population in Babati and never turn anyone away
  2. Give patients the choice to pay what they can afford with free as an option
  3. Reach rural areas to improve access to quality services
  4. Ensure quality and consistent care for everyone
  5. Train partners and competitors to improve the collective quality of health services in Babati
  6. Be self- sustaining to provide reliable and consistent services to the Babati community

Our growth plan

Phase 1: Mobile HIV/AIDS services


We are starting with what we are known for and what we know best: mobile HIV/AIDS testing and care. We will also integrate family planning counseling into our services and begin our community empowerment programs.

Phase 2: Mobile health clinic

Our mobile health clinic will provide HIV/AIDS testing and counseling, family planning, antenatal and postnatal care, and basic primary care services. Our community empowerment programs will continue and expand.

Phase 3: Community Center

We will build a community center which will provide life skill development, health education, vocational training, and after school activities. The community center will also be a base for adolescent-friendly health services.

Phase 4: Stand-alone clinic

Our stand-alone clinic will provide high quality primary care, reproductive health, and maternal health services. This clinic is designed to ensure patients are receiving high quality of care throughout the entire continuum of care.

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